Who Created It?

Dr. Harold Jonas, PhD, LMHC, CAP, founder and CEO of Sober Network Inc., is one of the leading addiction and recovery experts in the United States.

Dr. Jonas and his Sober Network Inc. team developed Sobersystems, the award-winning platform AngleStrong™ is built on. This adaptable platform offers people in recovery access to the latest technology in mobile recovery management.

Recognized as a pioneer in the tech sector of the addiction and recovery industry since 1999, Dr. Jonas is responsible for the concept, design and launch of multiple online properties and award-winning mobile apps. His innovative mobile apps for the addiction and recovery space have received national recognition and prestigious awards from the pharmaceutical and bioscience industries as well as the United States government (SAMHSA).

As a practicing Psychotherapist and Licensed Therapist in the state of Florida with 30 years of experience, his real-life, firsthand experiences with addiction give him the critical background needed to genuinely touch others also struggling with addiction and substance abuse. Addiction has always been interwoven in his life – throughout his entire lifespan. His parent was an addict. He faced his own addiction to heroin and subsequent recovery. He’s the husband to a recovering addict and presently the father of an active MAT oriented addict.

The partnership between Dr. Jonas and Kurt Angle to create the AngleStrong™ mobile app was a natural fit. Fueled by their collective determination to fight the raging national opioid epidemic, they are proud to launch the next generation addiction recovery mobile app that is designed to help save and change lives.