How does it work?

After you download the AngleStrong™ addiction recovery app and create an account, you will be able to personalize the addiction recovery management tools you want to use to remain accountable. AngleStrong™ is secure, convenient, and easy to use.The app lets you add contact information for friends or family members who will serve as your lifelines. If you find yourself in need of physical help or support, you can immediately reach out to your lifelines. Lifelines who have also downloaded the AngleStrong™ app will be able to monitor your well-being — based on your check-ins — and will receive an alert if you may be at risk for relapse.

Checking in through the app on a daily basis can help you to focus on your recovery and earn rewards. The app also gives you easy access to forum discussions and inspirational messages from Kurt Angle. Once a month, you will have a chance to check in for a live chat with Kurt and submit questions to him and the AngleStrong™ support team.

How does AngleStrong Addiction Recovery App work