App User Manual

Addiction recovery is tough.  That’s why we made the AngleStrong™ addiction recovery management app easy to use.  Follow these instructions and access the tools you need to reduce the odds of relapse.

Signing Up

Go to the Google Play or Apple store and download “Sobersystems.” Then, click “Sign Up” and enter the code “angle.”

Logging In

Open the app and enter your login information. Click “Log In”.
If you have forgotten your password, email EMAIL ADDRESS HERE

Setting Up The App

Addiction Recovery Ap LifelinesLifelines (HELP!)

The most important start is to enter a lifeline via the blue Lifelines button on the right side of the app’s home page. Lifelines are those who are there to help with your recovery and receive notifications if you show a need for help. Select the blue “Add” button in the upper right-hand corner. You will need your lifeline’s name and email address to invite them to be your lifeline. The person will then receive an email asking them to accept or deny this invitation.

Addiction Recovery Ap ProfileProfile

Click the green Profile button on the home page of the app. This feature allows you to reset your password, enter how you want others to view your name and set notification status for you and your lifelines regarding missed check ins. We recommend that you put yes to both so that you are held accountable and others can help.



Select the red Reminders button on the home page to set up notifications that the app can send you. There are three reminders set up – 1. Go to a meeting 2. Call your sponsor 3. Set and achieve goals. You can select what time of day to receive the notifications and if you want them via email or email and push notifications. Remember to hit the save button before you exit this screen.


Addiction Recovery Ap GoalsGoals

Setting and achieving goals is an important part of recovery. The purple Goals button on the home screen brings you to a list of your goals with a button where you can add a new one. Recovery can be overwhelming, so we suggest setting smaller, measurable, attainable goals in the process.


Using the App

The app is set up so that everyone is asked to check in every three days. However, we recommend that you do so daily. Check in is so simple and quick that even a busy WWE Superstar has enough time to do it daily! The bright blue check-in button is in the upper left side of the home screen. Select this button to access the questions. They are yes/no based questions allowing you to assess your commitment and dedication to recovery and the process itself. Select your answer for each question and click the “Check In My Answers” button. The app will then process your request, returning you to the home screen and showing a message that you have successfully checked in.

To see your progress, click the orange Reports button on the home page. This shows you your last few check in scores and dates and provides some feedback from Kurt based on your average score. This lets you know if you are on the right path or if improvements can be made.

Once everything is set up, the buttons you will use regularly to benefit your recovery are Check In, Reports, Goals, Chat and Info. We have previously gone over Check in, Reports & Goals. So, let’s focus on Chat and Info.

Recovery App ChatChat

Select the Chat icon to speak with other app users in a secure, private chat room. When you first enter, it will show you a list of available users. Click the “Chatrooms” button to see rooms that are currently active. Please be respectful to one another and use common sense in sharing personal information with others.


Addiction Recovery Ap InfoInfo

Select this button to see various links provided by Kurt. You will find interviews, past monthly chat videos, meeting locators, WWE info and more!!!

Other Benefits:

To aid with your recovery, you will receive a daily message from Kurt Angle sent to your email.
Also, the ANGLESTRONG™ team provides monitoring so you will also receive emails checking in on your progress.

Don’t be shy about answering and letting us know how we can help you and your recovery! Gold can be yours if you want it!!!