About Kurt

1996 Olympic Gold Medalist, Pro Wrestler, WWE Superstar, WWE RAW GM, and Actor

Kurt Angle is not only a Wrestling Legend with more than three decades of experience on the mat, Olympic Gold Medalist and Actor appearing in movies and television. He’s also a dedicated husband and father to 5 young children. Kurt is the real deal – a hometown boy who grew up in Pittsburgh where he still resides with his family today.

Kurt also openly shares with others his struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. After sustaining a neck injury in 2003, abuse of prescribed drugs and a string of family tragedies – including losing his sister to a heroin overdose – contributed his escalating addiction to opioids and alcohol abuse.

Kurt entered and completed rehab for his addiction and has been in recovery now for four years. While he credits rehab, his family and his love of God for being able to climb out of “the pit of addiction” – he knows firsthand staying in recovery is the hardest part.

That’s why Kurt created the AngleStrong™ app powered by FlexDek® – to help prevent relapse, re-hospitalization and save lives.

If you are in recovery you don’t have to go it alone. AngleStrong™ is there for you 24/7/365 with multiple features including lifelines, support – and even a monthly video conference call with Kurt.

Kurt invites you to download AngleStrong™ today and join him on the path of recovery.


*Wrestling images courtesy of WhatCulture Pro Wrestling (WCPW)